We understand that having a website that offers a user-friendly experience is a big step towards building a loyal audience. Our websites are design-focused to meet the needs of your visitors.

Our designs offer your site visitors a unique brand experience. Once they see the human side to your business, establishing the trust you need to turn them into loyal customers will fall into place.

No matter what service you need SuperGirl and her team superheroes will be there from start to finish using all their powers to help you take over the internet with an amazing website!


Go beyond your basic everyday website with WordPress. This unique Content Management System (CMS) does just about EVERYTHING! Websites that have advanced design tools, CSS editing, space for audio and video, E-Commerce tools, and the ability to offer ad space on your website.


WordPress has a integrated link management system, SEO. Resulting in a search engine friendly, clean perma-link structured website. Supports the tagging of posts & articles with the ability to assign multiple categories to articles. Organically reach the top of Google within approx. 6 months.  


Google states that the average US adult spent 2 hours, 55 minutes daily on a mobile device in 2019. Today not only does your website have to be on point and look amazing on a computer but also on any mobile devices. WordPress allows a crisp clean look across any device so your website will always look on point.



Account Creation

First, we will set up a WordPress account for your business. We go in and set it all up for you and start the process of building out the website. Once the site is live you will have full control of your website. You will be able to login and use the content management system from anywhere.

Upload Content

Next, once we have the look and feel down that you want we will uploading all the content you provide us. If you have a website currently, we will move all your content to your WordPress account.

Preview Link

Then, we will provide a preview link to your website once we have all your content uploaded to the site. I found this helps the process by allowing the client to see their vision unfold in front of them. If something looks off we can adjust it to your liking.


Lastly, we will setup a training day for you and your staff to receive approximately 2 hours of training. We can do the training in person or online which ever is most convenient for our client. Once we have trained you on how to make updates to your site and with your permission we will make your website live.

Go Live

Launch, we upload your website to your hosting account and activate your website on its domain name. Then it takes just a few hours for your website to go live.


I can help and advise you on how to acquire the following if you do not already have them.

Domain Name – A domain name is your website name. A domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website.

Web Hosting Account – Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet.

Logo – First impressions count so put your best logo forward.

Content – All information about your business that you want on your website.